September 24, 2016

Mission-centered Web Strategies

User privilege levels

When you become registered with a WordPress site, you create a user name, a password and a small profile. You are also assigned a user level that in turn defines what privileges you have in the site.

Privilege levels range everywhere from simply being able to read content to being able to publish comments, posts, even edit other people’s work. There are five user levels in WordPress, and this table gives a brief summary:

User Level Privileges
Administrator Editor privileges plus manage users, change and edit site presentation, edit users, activate and edit plug-ins, import, edit files, manage options
Editor Author privileges, plus change other persons’ posts, edit pages, manage links & categories, moderate posts, publish unfiltered html
Author Contributor, plus publish posts without intervention, may upload files
Contributor Subscriber, plus can submit posts for approval, can edit own posts
Subscriber Can read content in site, edit own profile

A more complete description of privileges assigned to user levels may be found in the WordPress Web site.

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