September 28, 2016

Mission-centered Web Strategies

Web hosting

NetPresence maintains alliances with hosting firms who specialize in commercial Web hosting. We let those who specialize in server administration, network security and system management do their thing. We do ours. As long as both parties perform, the partnership is happy.

In a typical arrangement with one of our clients, one thing NetPresence does in the consulting process is to recommend an Internet and Web hosting package that best matches the mission, needs and aspirations of the client – you. In a small number of cases, that’s all the client needs.

In most instances, however, the next steps include such things as securing a domain name, contracting for server space in a commercial Web farm, setting up the server, installing appropriate Web applications (such as shopping carts, calendars, bulletin boards, or blogging software) filing appropriate Internet Domain Name System (DNS) changes,  establishing suitable e-mail services and developing a directory structure on the new client server that reflects the organization of messages and information the client intends to serve on the Web.

This process – server selection and setup – is the early middle part of deploying a mission-centered Web presence. It happens only after a great deal of careful thought and planning has produced a comprehensive Web presence strategy for the client organization.

WebPresence / NetPresence typically handles server arrangements for its clients. With a hosting package selected, a Web site organization determined and server set up, we must now settle on Web page designs to deliver your message.

Preferred hosting environment

The hosting companies with whom we have alliances provide full-range servers and guarantee at least 99 percent up time. This is all that most of our clients care about. But for those who desire more specifics, here they are.

We work with open source hosting tools: Apache Server running on a Linux machine, with PHP server-side scripting, MySQL database back end, full mail server (including lists, Web interface, POP3 and IMAP servers and forwarding), FTP server, and a broad range of other server options.

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