September 27, 2016

Mission-centered Web Strategies

Our business

It’s no longer enough to just have a website.  Maybe you are a business wanting to reach new markets (and keep old ones). Perhaps you are a news organization wanting to stay in touch with the community which is your audience. Perhaps you are a professional association wanting to serve your members, or a citizen action group wanting to change the world…

You really don’t want or need just another web page.

People and organizations with a mission need a web strategy consistent with their purposes. If you or your group fit this description, you don’t need a web page, you need a Web Presence.

We help people develop an Internet / Web presence that contributes to the realization of their mission. While we do provide web hosting and web design services, our main thrust is to help people understand the web and the Internet in relation to their cause or business. Thus our primary business is to counsel with our clients and to work with them to develop the best combination of Internet tools for carrying out their mission online.

Our activities fall into these four areas:

  1. Web consulting
  2. Site development
  3. Web hosting
  4. Site design