about netpresence

Small businesses, community action groups and families are central to the best of the United States of America. From the lonely pamphleteers of Colonial times to "grass roots" politics of the twentieth century to new media of the twenty-first, the struggle of individuals and small groups to be heard and to succeed is at the heart of participatory democracy. The dreams of entrepreneurs produce realities of the strongest economic engines in the history of man. In many cases, it is the vision of one, struggling to be heard, that pushes us forward.

Net Presence's commitment to small business, non-profits, community groups, family organizations and similar concerns is borne out of life experience with those groups, combined with unique expertise in and enthusiasm for the Internet as an extension of our social and economic environment.

netpresence.us is a partnership of people in three Southwestern states (California, Arizona and Texas) who bring into the company almost 100 years of experience in business, politics, public relations, non-profit groups, journalism, computer programming, education, electronics and design. The firm's general partner is the author of four textbooks on using the Internet for focused professional, academic, and industrial use.